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>> it's coming. abc news is live in marin county now with a look at what they're doing there. mark? >> in the marin headlands wind just beginning to pick up at 70 miles per hour gusts. this is a concern. the coming storms but the key right now is the ground is not saturated from an earliez"; ra, so people here are not expecting runnoff to be a big problem. >> in san rafael, linda krueger started the day filling sandbags in a fire station. >> we just had the house painted and we've got seepage and water. i just want to get it away from the house. >> the chief says putting bags and sand out is routine this time of the year. >> we've provided opportunities for them to acquire sand materials and wags, should they so desire at a couple fire stations which is our normal winter operating procedures. >> in northern san rafael, leaves are falling. jefr brooks figured this will be the time to clean out
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gutter autos pineapple express. i consider them lightly. >> out in front of the house a tee trimming crew was cutting down branches. >> here inds% marin county we have 15 crews roaming this, is something we do year round. they'll work tomorrow, when storm gets gusty, we'll keep them out as long as conditions are safe, they're out here working 365 days per year. >> no sandbags on the sidewalk and owners of shops that flooded several times over past years say they're not concerned. >> there is not been any rain. the creek is low. we're not worried. >> just minutes ago i spoke with a representative from county public works told me they've not been out clearing drains because they were out clearing drains for two months in preparation for storms. they say they will be out in force, tomorrow, reporting from marin headlands abc 7 news. >> mark. thank you.
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santa clara valley water district using web cams to monitor creeks and rivers around the county. water managers, can see where storm drains are getting clogged. and alert crews to clear the debris. the web cams in los gatos skb morgan hill refresh every five minutes and are watched in storm conditions. >> going to be mazing how quickly a creek can overflow and cause a lot of street floodings and damage. when there is blockage in one trash rack. >> now, water district is hoping people will be pro active in both monitoring web cams and cleaning leaves and other debris that can clog storm drain autos they're humpgering down a christmas tree lots across the bay area now, in this lot workers started tying down trees so they won't topple over. they're also laying down tallest trees but say they will not close up shop because of the storm, workers say they're used to being out in wintery weather. they plan to set up tents.
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>> a big storm equals phone shall dangers on the water. coast guard is suggesting people be careful because large waves can sweep people way, they're reminding boaters to avoid sailing touring -- during the storm. be careful. you should check to make sure the boat is tied to a dock or anchored before the storm moves in. >> it will be a test for the bay bridge project. caltrans met to figure out how to secure equipment and materials and to avoid polluting the bay when rains come. we will have that story later in a live report you'll see on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> the approach serves as a reminder to make sure you're ready for a natural hazard, prepare is at abc 7 under see it on tv. >> today a school bus burst into flames, firefighters credit the driver with
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rescuing a girl in a wheelchair. the driver lifted the student and carried her to safety. you can see in these pictures provided by the school district the flames gutted the bus. abc 7 news is at the bus barn now and will be reporting live on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> and santa clara county 15-year-old boy will be charged as an adult in qex a deadly crime spree. police arrested the boy friday, they believe he, and this man murdered 22-year-old rory park-pettiford during an attempted car jacking. the crime spree also included four armed robberies and a shootout injuring a police officer. >> in santa cruz, deputies investigating reports of break ins at three elementary schools. you can see them on the map. this happened this morning in march vista, live oak and bradley schools, deputies say a computer and print we are
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taken at live oak. there was damage to buildings. >> milpitas police looking for a gunman in a traffic stop shoot out today. ÷)&ñ
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>> students were greeted with an announcement that grief counselors were there to help them. >> teachers will follow up with classrooms led discussions on how you deal with grief. >> the memorial continues to grow. people who live here in redwood city say peacing by alameda and jefferson was just heart breaking. >> heart breaking. i have a child, a grandson the same age. >> tammy says her grandson went to the same preschool as laila. / of several people who soughttvkz comfort on a facebook page. >> everybody is writing about little things they remember, one little girl said last night we ought to remember to give each other a hug, be grateful we have each other while here. >> police were back at the scene this morning continuing their investigation. laila hit by a truck, riding her bike to school yesterday.
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police say at this point, it doesn't look like laila, or the driver were at fault. it was just a terrible accident. as classmates try to deal with the tragedy, many of them are wearing blue today. because it was her favorite color. >>wt.s makes your heart feel god for the community that they're gathering together and i think having an appropriate response. but also, reminds us how fragile life is. and how laila will be missedded. >> she says sh sm students painted their finger nails blue. police say it was foggy at the time of the accident and maybe the moisture caused tires to slip. they just don't know what happened. they're still trying to figure it out. 234 redwood city, abc 7 news. >> oykos university getting ready to hold a concert to dedicate a memory garden dedicated to those who were killed in the shooting spree.
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former student one goh is charged in the shooting. a judge is zigd whether he is mentally competent to stand trial. >> you've heard of the path marin county has a high rate of breast cancer, it turns out it's not the only area. >> the group public health institute came up with a ro jekt identifying other so called(),z cancer clusters. we have the findings. >> we knew marin county had high rates of breast cancer, now, researchers say other counties do, too. here is a map showing counties and city that's have 10% to 20% higher rates than the state wide rate. contra costa and sanlta clara counties, information taken from california cancer registry, compiling data between 2000 and 2008. researchers don't know why these areas have high rates but information may help them
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later. >> i think) that having some data, you know empowers you to make progress. >> they're about 27,000 new cases of breast cancer in california every year. in marin county, abc 7 news. >> still ahead, apple issues a pink slip to the man in charge of the iphone mapping system. >> we'll have that, plus why kentucky fried chicken is writing a check for county autos more trouble for the former elmo puppeteer. >> and later a first for the amgen tour of california. cities to host announced today. >> taking a look outside right now at the skyway, you can see it's easy going for drivers heading south. but for drivers there on the lefthand side of the screen
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more legal trouble today for the former creative force between sesame street's elmo. a lawsuit accused him of trolling gay telephone chat lines looking to meet under aged boys for sex. the plaintiff was 16 when he met clash, claiming clash had numerous elmo dolls in his apartment where they met to have sex. the first accusation was recanted. his spokesperson says the suit has no merit, clash resigned from sesame street last week.
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>> four california counties are splitting $200,000 paid by parent company of kentucky fried chicken for health and safety code violations. the company sued for not properly installing cooking equipment. prosecutors say new ovens were not ventilated properly and pose aid health hazard. the company also paid $94,000 in costs. >> the mead head of apple's botched mapping system gets the boot. >> cyber monday breaking records. more shoppers search for bargains on mobile device autos yes. we have more in your bloomberg after the bell report. hi, john. >> good afternoon, dan and carolyn. numbers show major growth in online shopping. according to numbers from ibm, cyber monday was the biggest online spending day of the year, up 30% from last year, shoppers relied on mobile devices, especially the ipad. and speaking of apple a
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management shake up at the company, uproar over the new iphone flawed mapping system led to ouster of richard williamson, manager in charge of that program. the company is now consulting without side mapping experts and pushing its maps provided to fix several mistakes that replaced google maps on the new iphone 5. the fight between hp and autonomy getting more intense, mike lynch fired off a heter demanding the company explain charges that they used accounting tricks to inflate the value. hp shot back saying it would not provide anymore details. over to google larry page met with officials today. ftc wraps up it's 19 month long antitrust investigation if the company's business practices. sources tell bloomberg google seeking to persuade fcc it hasn't broken laws. the company is reportedly
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worried entering into any settlement with the agency may hurt its future business dealings. the company and motorola units settle a lawsuit with immersion corporation that has sued motorola claiming some of the smart phones infringed. under the deal google will pay for past missed shipments. talk about the stock parkt. stocks ending the day down, investor as wait news on fiscal cliff bloomberg silicon valley was down on the day. sales of microsoft x box 360 are outpacing those with the new gaming system. a spokesperson blogged 750,000 consoles were sold in the u.s. last week, and that compares to just $400,000. the brand new wiiu, everybody
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fighting for those gamers and their)8áñ attention during the holiday season. dan and carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> we're expecting big changes in the weather. >> yes. sandhya patel is tracking it all. it did sound intense. >> yes. with a first storm hitting during rush hour, timing of the storm does not look good. from our sutro camera, you can see clouds gathering as wewllo check out live doppler 7 hd. you can see these are clouds in advance of the storm system. the stormuhed not here yet, but we'll be watching for it as it arrives in the wee hours of the morning and we'll feel wind and rain coming down hard at times. temperatures now in the 50s and 60s, stormy for the morning commute. rain shifts to the north bay on thursday. and more wet and windy weather follows as we have two more storms coming in beyond tomorrow.
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first storm system bringing us a burst of wind and rain. second brings rain first to the north bay, then spreads it south. thursday, and friday. really friday is when the rest of the bay area will get hit by the storm, third one bringing wide spread wind and rain saturday night into sunday. so i want to show you timing of this. 11 p.m. tonight which is still looking at clouds heading into the wee hours of the morning rain and winds will start. 5:00 a.m. you can see stormy weather morning commute starting to look nasty. we're going to see heavy wind, rain. really continues until 8:00 a.m. you can see the front continuing. once the front goes through, we're going to see scattered showers for wednesday afternoon and evening. thursday, 5:00 a.m. showers in the north bay. heavier rains start to shift. thursday evening, we'll see
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some heavy rain focused in the north bay. then, watch what happens. the front starts to sag stouj ward. the rain line shifts. friday morning commute does not look good. at this point heavy rain accompanying it. we'll see gusty winds for friday commute wh. all is said and done there is a third storm due here over the weekend. up to 8 inches in wettest loks. six inches in the north bay. towards east bay this, is through sunday. three to four inches for south kbai and monterey bay. wednesday through saturday, flood watch up lake county. sacramento valley we're concerned about flooding of creeks and streams.wya% debris flows are possible. winter weather advisory, high snow levels so this 10:00 a.m. wednesday to 10:00 p.m. excuse me, we're looking at four to eight inches of snow. so in the morning temperatures
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into upper 40s so mid-50s give extra time. temperatures with wet, windy conditions upper 50s to low 60s. here is the accu-weather forecast. next five out of seven days is wet, then, a break wednesday. >> almost certainly, thank you very much. >> coming up on abc 7 news, medical marijuana and children. how young is too young? the 7-year-old girl fighting leukemia her mother gives her pot every day. >> and tonight is the night. the winner will be named. a look at the all ladies fi
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while who is hot and who is not is always he valving and changing as we know. >> yes. we've got a look at gq magazine's disstix of being the least influential of 2012. >> included on the list mitt romney, food network star guy fieri. >> limb lehr and madonna also make the list. >> and it's not a list you want to be on. >> no. the stars of "the hobbit" getting ready toin tro dus their new movie. >> halle barry in the spotlight for a bitter custody battle.
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>> oscar winner halle barry, her fiancee and ex-husband making headlines nearly a week after a thanksgiving day brawl between two men. these pictures showing the exbadly bruised, he was dropping his daughter off at barry's home when the fight broke out. a judge issued an emergency protective order against aubry. his attorneys hoping to list part of the order that prevents him from seeing his daughter. >> the stars of "the hobbit" met with eager fans. the hobbit will hold a premier there. most of the movie shot on location in new zeal yanld. on dancing with the stars tonight is the only star finals, melissa rycroft gos in with the stop he score its not about the score. it's about knowing you put everything out there. >> yes. it's in reach. it's -- hard part is over. >> i want to be proud of what we've produced.
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and i want to win. >> be sure to look for interviews on >> the 2013 amgen tour adding a new twist. riders will head south to north whit runs next may. the tour will start inpivpescone coast. san jose will host stage six, marking the age year the raise visit that had city. the only one to participate in allvnu÷ eight tours. and lth stage of the tour of california runs from san francisco to santa rosa. there is more on abc 7 you'll find it under see it on tv. >> amazing. >> still head on abc 7 news at 4:00 the gft makes a bold move
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to stop the shipment of unsafe foods. >> questions over the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. un ambassador susan rice goes on the offensive meeting with top republican who's blame her for inak rilt information. plus... >> in san francisco, the aclu filed a lawsuit challenging the ban on women serving in combat. the story is coming up. >> i'm michael finney. if you want an e reader for christmas, the choices can be overwhelming. i'll compare newest models and tell you which one could be on
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republican senators who have criticized susan rice over her explanation of the attack in benghazi, libar not backing down. chris stevens was killed in that attack along with three other americans. top republicans met with rice today, she appears to be the top candidate to become new secretary of state but a fight may be brewing. abc 7 reporter karen trafers has the report from washington, d.c.. >> hillary clinton is secretary of state. but the political posturing
4:29 pm
and mud slinging has started. high on president obama's list to take over as the nation's top diplomat, susan rice. >> she has been under fire from some senate republican who's say she misled the american people about the attack that killed four americans including u.s. ambassador to libya. several have vowed to block her nomination to the state department. five days after the attacks, rice placed blame on an antimuslim video. it seems to have been hijacked with a say but some individual clusters of extremists. >> but the administration said it knew it with was a terrorist attack. the talking points rice was given for interviews were wrong. >> focus is misplaced. >> today rice went to capitol hill in a charm offensive meeting with republican senators. and it doesn't sound like a successful visit. >> we're significantly
4:30 pm
troubled by many answers that(=c we got. >> this month, the president laumpbled a fierce defense of rice. >> when they go after the un ambassador73[e they think she'n easy target? then they've got a problem with me. >> the republican senator stopped short of saying they'd still block rice's nomination. but said they still have questions that need answers. abc news, washington. >> a simmering protest against mohammed morsi's power grab erupted violence today in tahrir square. one demonstrateor reportedly killed by a canister during a running street battle. 100,000 egyptians are protesting against the debris -- decree granting
4:31 pm
morsi absolute control of the country. demonstrators are afraid it will lead to a dictatorship. >> officials took samples from yas yas yas's body. his widow requested on whether he was killed by israeli agents using a radio active poison a charge israel denied. yair fat was 75 years old when he died eight years ago. >> the bangladesh called a factory fire that killed 111 garment workers the work of an arsonist, labeling it sabotage but they're not releasing anymore information about a motive. closings dr dr clothing from the western states are made there. protestors marched through the streets. >> a bold move by fda shut down the biggest organic
4:32 pm
peanut butter plant in the country. we told you with this yesterday at 4:00. today, more about what fda inspectors found inside of that facility. inskbrorkts describe a horror show of a peanut butter plant. a facility with trouble. this morning now shut down, after a wide spread salmonela outbreak that sickened 41 people in 20 states. fda finding salmonela throughout. no hand washing sinks, leaks left water on the floor. and open doors that could allow pets to enter. >> there was a reasonable probability of seriouskru9 injuy or death to consumers from consuming products coming out of this facility. >> this is the first time they used new powers to shudder a company it says is a health risk. the governor said it will not allow the producers to reopen until it says, sunland no
4:33 pm
longer has a reasonable probability of causing consequences or death to humans. this 8-year-old was one of those who ate sunland peanut butter sold at trader joes and feels he paid the price it felt very painful. those, the stomach cramps i was screaming loud and saying why does this happen to me? >> and this morning food safety groups hailing this shut down as a warning that the new power granted the fda is to the just for show. >> this gives us hope fda is prepared to act abresively protecting consumer autos perhaps the serious charge is that sunland continues to sell the products after they failed tests for the disease. sunland tells abc news it's not true saying it did not knowingly sell tainted peanuts or peanut butter and the company says it continues implementation of corrective axz but will not open today.
4:34 pm
abc news, washington. >> and a new warning out for people who eat pork chops. consumer reports tested 200 chops and found 69% of them were contaminated with a bacteria. the cdc estimates it sickens 100,000 people a year. health experts says you can avoid by properly cooking pork, always and washing your hands after touching raw meat. very important. >> an oregon mom drawing ateng forgiving her 7-year-old daughter medicinal marijuana. she was diagnosed with leukemia doctors said she might need a bone marrow transplant. her mother decided to give her half an ounce of cannibis oil per day.'ubf doctors caution it is not safe for children but if can enroll
4:35 pm
if the child's legal guardian or parent gives consent. >> a near miss caught on video. a toddler walks off seconds before a car jams -- slams into a jewelry store. >> i'm sandhya patel. from our mount tamalpais camera, clouds gathering storm number one, slamming the bay area first thing during morning commute. uh show you where warnings are going up, coming up next. >> sandhya, well, traffic out there may look different tomorrow night when the storm rolls nchl as you look live, you can see it's a bit slow in both directions. no major problems to report. just usual evening commute. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues here in just a moment.
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surveillance video shows how lucky this little boy is. 16-month-old gray stepped towards his father's office seconds before a car, here it comes slammed through the store front windows in georgia. debris flew but the todder ended up being clear of the debris. unhurt. the father just stunned. >> i saw him bucklej backwards, you know? he flew backwards, you know? airborne. >> so close, thank goodness, he's okay. the owner also credits his
4:39 pm
older sonñu4& finding the toddler making sure he was safe during chaos. this happened on saturday two employees also were not hurt. police believe the 84-year-old driver mistook the gas pedal for the brake. >> just remarkable images there. >> we're expecting a first of the series of storms to arrive it looks nasty. checking out live doppler 7 hd. right now, clouds here, moisture has not arrived yet. but we have storms ready to go. first one arriving during morning commute. the third one here over the weekend. second one going to be a slow mover continuing into friday. and third will be coming through here on sunday. strong winds with the storm so high wind warning has been posted wednesday, 4:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. we're expecting gusts up to 65 miles per hour.
4:40 pm
higher gusts possible. wind advisory for the rest of the bay area, watch out for branches and possible power outpaths. tomorrow, scattered showers still windy, upper 40s around places like oakland and really looking at live doppler 7 again because our doppler will be tracking the storms once again, three storms coming. the first storm system bringing winds and rain but it's going to be a fast mover, second one will be i slow mover going to be a soaker and the third in this series is due here on sunday. that one looks like it will cause phone shall for flooding problems here once grounds are >> puppets team up in a improfsh that goes viral. >> thank you. here is what is churning.
4:41 pm
first ep latest music video from c lo. green all i need is love featuring special stars. >> including puppets is a basic bare run tee of you tube success. we've seen them with the swedish chef as well. up next, latest pranks on the improv everywhere flash mob troop, this time, lining up outside the dollar discount store. ♪ [ music ] . >> black friday pranks were a huge trend this year, we saw videos from mediocre films and others goofing with eager
4:42 pm
holiday shoppers ask even in cases, already-stressed out retail employees. how funny. that will do it for the biggest trends, see you next time bay area still ahead stein that's could keep children safe harsh cleaners. >> i'm mike yip yil finney. are e readers on your shopping list? up next i'll let you know which models are the best in a consumer reports comparison test. >> and a's giving up. >> and raider nation, we want to see your team pride. we invite you to e mail your fan photos and we'll post those photos on2k:ñ abc 7 news.m and show them during raiders day here on abc 7. >> that is december 6th we'll broadcast the raiders branch yoz -- broncos game live. stay with us. abc 7 news at
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checking healthy rifing news, most parents do everything to keep household cleaners and other chemicals out of reach from their small children. thox!x efforts appear to be paying off. researchers at ohio state university say the number of children injured by cleaning products is declining but
4:46 pm
report who% of the cases develop spray bottles so there is a nearly child proof double trigger spray bottle. >> harder for kids to operate because of hand size and strength and abilities but it's easy enough for a a.dults to operate. and to get the"ñsame amount of the product out to use with one hand. >> ohio state university provided this video of product. the design team hopes to see them in stores within the next year. >> interesting. you have gotten a jump on the holiday shopping season, i know. bought stuff for family. i'm way behind. haven't started if you're looking to give someone an e reader there are plenty to choose from. >> yes. there are good deals out there. there is a closer look. >> have you seen prices on these things? >> they're getting -- prices are lower than ever. so consumer reports set out to test and look for the best. >> lots of people think an e
4:47 pm
book reader would be the perfect game or -- gift for someone. >> i would buy for my sister. >> aunt. this sister. >> everybody i know. >> choosing one can be risky. barns and noble offers two different nooks and amazon, four different kindels. not to mention readers from makers like kobo ask sony. there are tab bets offering electronic books, too. uk read on tab bet. but a dedicated reader is lighter easier to hold, has a longer battery live and crisper type that. will make a difference in reading. >> among its tests consumer reports tests how it can play. best readings have no trouble with bright light g for reading outside. if you're going to be reading in the dark a built in light
4:48 pm
is a plus. there are other manufacturers who choice probably boils down a nook or a kindel. >> at the top of the ratings $120 nook simple test with glow light. it has crisp, readable type. from much less consider the $70 kindel that rated excellent for readibility. however, page turns aren't as fast. consumer reports says there is something else to factor in when deciding which reader to buy. if someone in the family has a kindel or a nook, this can make sense to get the same kind of e reader. so it's almost like they lock new. >> bizarre. >> yes. thank you. >> some players for a's
4:49 pm
charities will benefit voting to donate a share to nonprofit groups, each received a share of a little more than $34,000 the same amount that will be divided among charities. after being picked by many to finish absolutely dead last. what a nice gesture. >> challenging the pentagon. these women made a big announcement today hoping to add pressure to the military to let them serve in combat. >> a woman claims she lost her job after arguing veteran's benefits that were wrongfully denied. stay with us, more still to come. >> seeking shelter from the storm. we'll take a look at what is being done to protect equipment being used on the bay bridge projects that could create a different kind of accident when the storms hit. >> also, at the time, the top sheriff goes back to school to
4:50 pm
tackle a subject arks dressing parents concerns after a registered sex offender was allowed to volume tun tear at one san jose school. >> first, here is a look at what is ahead on abc's world news. >> tonight as you know across the border power ball is now half a billion dollars. so we set ut on the trail of the money. how much goes to the ticket holder? who gets the rest? you may be surprised by winners you didn't know about. also tonight for everybody in the bay area, checkup you can get from mirror. and shape of your ear lobe, thumb, ankle says about the health of your heart. and it's important news, tonight
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forest service saying the ban in women in cam bot is unconstitutional abc 7 news is
4:54 pm
in the newsroom with more on this. >> aclu filed this lawsuit in san francisco today. and soon, they makeup more than 14% of the military personnel. suit says many service women are engaging in combat. >> there is up in ground combat. >> major mary jennings haigar is a search and rescue pilot in the army national guard. she received a purple heart for injuries sustain whltd chopper was hit by ground fire. >> i so i received shap nel through my face and arms. >> sargeant jennifer hunt received injuries in iraq when her humvee was hit by an ied. all four service women had combat experience despite defense department policy. >> all did tours in iraq and afghanistan. saying the front line sever
4:55 pm
where. >> every time a woman or any service member sets foot into iraq or afghanistan, they're serving in a combat zone. >> the seat suite says the military not dealing with reality. >> women are often not officially part of the all mean units they're going on mission was its one of the a lot of vestidges of federal government policy presuming that women are less capable than men just because they're women. >> 280,000 served in iraq and afghanistan. the plaintiffs say it puts them at a disadvantage. >> the policy has the affect of closing whole career fields to service women, closing positions to them. >> this year, the defense department opened about 14,000 positions to women. that had been limited to men.
4:56 pm
a regulation that banned women was lifted but not the ban on serving in combat. the pentagon does not return our call. a spokesman told stars and stripes newspaper they don't comment but that defense secretary's record on women and combat is quote, very strong. at 6:00 tonight reaction from some veterans. >> thank you very much. >> a woman says she was fired for pointing out errors in veteran disability claims at oakland office has had her case heard in federal court today. jamie fox pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit saying her troubles started when she wrote a memo to a supervisor in support of a veteran who had his claim denied. she was fired four months later. >> what happens if there is an error glaring at you? i'm supposed to not do anything with about it?
4:57 pm
someone testified and said yes. because it's not my job. >> that analysis found a rate of 38%. attorneys for the federal government did not want to comment in this case. it goes to trial in october, next year. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> stay with us, abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> i'm sandhya patel. we have three storms lined up. first making for a rough morning kmu. i'll have details coming up. >> and see what is being done and materials being used on the bay bridge project before the wind and rain arrives. >> plus, new findings highlight parts of the bay area where women may have more reason to be concerned about breast cancer. >> the first in a seriesk'g of
4:58 pm
storms lined up in pacific is getting ready to come ashore and slam us, you're looking at a live picture right now from mountáub you canv?vj see clouds startino increase. winds just now picking up. >> crews hard at work clearing leaves out of storm drains to prevent rain waters from backing up and flooding streets. >> several cities made sandbags available for residents trying to prevent flooding but water only half of the story. >> and strong winds is big worry in this lot. and many others around the bay area, here, they're tying down the trees so they won't blow away. >> surfers say that he don't mind is surfing in the rain but if conditions get windy they'll likely stay away. good evening, everyone. >> we have live team coverage on this impending storm including a story you'll see own on abc 7 news. but let's go to sandhya patel tracking the storm. >> yes.
4:59 pm
we are looking for live doppler 7 hd. we do have clouds. this storm yet to arrive. let me show them to you. here is storm one. due in here tomorrow morning. storm number two, arriving later on this week and third in a series hitting this upcoming weekend. so first storm arriving during rush hour will bring strong gusty winds and rain. a high wind warning going up of the north bay. san francisco peninsula starting at 4:00 a.m. southerly winds gusting up to 65 miles per hour. local gusts up to 70 miles per hour. certainly gale warnings going up. we have thunderstorms in the forecast this, is a detailed forecast. there is a look on this system and two

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